How Your Business can benefit with SAAS

If you are running a business and would like to save few hundred of dollars from hiring, I would suggest that you have a look at the growing market of SAAS (software as a service). Basically, these are companies that offers unique business solutions for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even for large enterprises. Everyone would definitely benefit from these companies.

SAAS is a cloud-based software that was developed to solve or make a business process much easier. To give you more insight about SAAS, if you into digital marketing instead of hiring web developers, graphics designers, you can search a SAAS company that can solve this for you. Yes, that’s how SAAS companies work, so you will find one who’s product that can solve this for you.

Going back to graphics designing if you don’t have enough knowledge and high level of creativity, then for sure you will have a hard time designing what you want for your business, or for most cases they will hire a graphics designer which are expensive. There are many SAAS products online that offer amazing graphics tool that allows you to access a huge library of ready-made designs by their team, you just need to edit the text, add photos, reposition the text, and you are done. You can do that using desktop photo editing tools, but again if you don’t have enough experience. You will use a lot of time and resources.

Almost any business operations have their counterpart SAAS tool that you can avail and take note. These are monthly recurring fees, and some are one-time fees specially those startup SAAS business. You can find SAAS for various usage from social media posting, content curation, video editing, graphics designing, productivity tools for admin tasks and many more.

Awesome Benefits of Online Personal Assistants

Having an online personal assistant can do so much wonders for your business and can help you to a such extent that you can sit back and relax and focus on what you do best to grow your business.  If you are looking to hire your very first personal assistant or also known as virtual assistant (VA), I suggest you visit online job ads site, freelancer websites, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites. You can also post for a looking for advertisement on these sites and you will see how many interested people that will contact. Just be sure to make your job description easy to understand and try to elaborate the role or tasks that needs to be done to avoid problems on the long run.

During interviews I suggest try to shortlist your candidates to atleast top 5, from that you can easily choose the appropriate person to help you run your business. You can set 1 to 2 sets of assessments for each applicant just to make sure they are really capable to the job and also try to look for those people who love their work so much that they will do everything to get the job perfectly done.

Once you have your own PA, you will see how productive you can become and at the same time you will see a huge difference in terms of salary rate, compare to hiring an in-house or local staff near you. Some business owners outsource to India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China and etc. These people works really hard and you will see how loyal they can be. Simple appreciation means a lot to them, and they will be more productive and they can see they are valued by their employers.

Another great benefit of having a personal assistant from different countries is that they can handle business inquiries round the clock because of time zone differences, meaning even you are sleeping they are awake and can answer important customer inquiries. That’s just few of the benefits you can get with having a remote staff. Want to share your personal experienced? comment down below.

Outsourced Accounting for Newbies

Yes, you are interested in reading this. Somehow you already have a bit of an idea on how to make it to the world of business – and pursue a greater success. You have done numerous research to materialise and make your dreams come to reality. You are actually thinking a lot right now that clutters your mind and at the same time, it adds to your excitement. Let’s just say that some of you were able to enter the outsourcing industry; entrusted few areas of your company tasks into it but have not given the accounting side yet, we will inform you about offshoring accounting and bookkeeping.

Before venturing into the labour pool of outsourcing accounting services, here are some few reminders that your company should take note of:

Total Business Goals

We all have a certain goal in life may it be a goal to be a successful business owner or a goal to simply become a better person in general. In order for us to attain our goals, we should have the determination of seeking ways on how to achieve it and maintain it.  To make it simpler, it is a never-ending process. We don’t just stop when we’re successful; we must nurture it. As the saying goes, ‘after all, we worked ourselves hard to achieve the success we are experiencing now.’ The main strategic thought when it comes to offshoring should be focusing on how it aligns with your company objectives. The services or assistance you will be offshoring should match the expectations of your business outcome. Always bear in mind that offshoring was conceptualised for the purpose of helping you improve your attention on core business functions while setting aside the operational processes handled and managed by skilled professionals remotely. Enhanced efficiency and access to expertise are among the strategic aims that your company should concentrate to. Therefore, you should give emphasis to the optimised performance of the business before realising the cost savings.

Save Time, Save Money

Highly-skilled professionals play a huge role in outsourcing. Company owners considers to offshore simply because they are knowledgeable that expert teams can very well take care of their business. The efficiency and effectiveness are delivered every day because an uninterrupted outsourced remote team are dedicated to their craft. Outsourcing is meant to save your money – reduced cost and yet the value and competency is not being compromised. Same level of effectiveness and at times, remote assistance is even more effective. This answers the question how much will it cost to offshore and how much will it benefit your business.

Select the Best

Which offshoring company has the best solutions that fit your needs? Study each outsourcing company’s experience, competence and level of expertise. Do not hesitate to carefully study if they are credible enough to withstand the outsourcing industry. It’s your money, it’s your company, it’s your investment.

Look for an accounting outsourcing firm that screen staff properly during the interview to make sure that they deliver the best assistance for your business.

Outsourcing: Makes Your Business Better

There are numerous business owners who knew from the beginning that there are tasks that they don’t want to handle themselves. Let’s say for example, hiring an offshore bookkeeper and slowly adding other employees to your remote team, your business revenue would reach six digits within months. The business owner has more time to concentrate on generating income through outsourcing day to day back office tasks. At a bigger picture, business owners see offshoring as an effective strategy reserved for huge businesses only but with the help of modernised technology, outsourcing becomes a more accessible tool even for newly-opened businesses and small firms.

Outsourcing has also made an influential impact on their productivity and growth. A huge number of small businesses are giving out tasks remotely because technology has progressed to the point of many highly-skilled professionals being able to handle work from anywhere across the globe. Some of them opted to leave the corporate world such as virtual graphic designers, executive assistants, transcriptionists, web designers, paralegals, bookkeepers, IT specialists and HR consultants and more. These contact labour force, save the business owner the pain of compensating overheads linked to payroll taxes, benefits as well as the space constrictions.

David Walsh, the author of Source Control (an e-book on effective small business outsourcing) said that “Progressive entrepreneurs realise the unstoppable power of outsourcing to handle aspects of their business that are essential but simply don’t make sense for them to deal with personally.” Taking the steps toward offshoring can be time-consuming, but determining how to grow your business with the assistance from outside experts can propose increase in efficiencies. With all honesty and fairness, his ideology about outsourcing is actually successful and it is being utilised today and will be even more developed in the coming generations.

When to Outsource?

The right time to outsource differs for every company. Some businesses of course already have in-house talents to manage day to day activities but may need to consider outsourced assistance to handle other projects that don’t permit another employee for full-time. This would mean that a certain signal like when the employees and business owner become unable to manage daily work load, and the service comes to a point that it’s no longer satisfactory, it may be the right time to enter outsourcing. The goal in here is, pursue the growth of your business even when you have no ample time to do so. Pursue progress and give chance to brilliant skilled-workers worldwide to showcase what they got at the same time. Pursue the dream of being a successful, competent, accomplished and more stable business owner.

Outsourcing’s Credibility in the Biz

Another substantial testimonial from Tonya Thomas, president of Small Office Assistant said that, “at first I felt like I was the only person who could do the work efficiently; I wanted control over everything, but I wanted my business to grow and in order to do that I had to let go and start delegating. Letting go paid off.” The first year she began utilising contractors to aid carry her workload, Thomas doubled her company’s revenue.

Tasks for Your Virtual Assistant

Utilising a virtual assistant can shear hours from your workweek, but determining which tasks to delegate can be complicated and tricky, whether you’re just a newbie or already pro in the business.

Most virtual assistants are freelance workers or contractual who do their work at home and concentrate on administrative jobs that are same to those of secretarial or executive assistant. Web pages that specialise in workers that are contractual, such as previously known as have thousand listings for virtual assistants. With increasing number of virtual assistants, their skill now runs the scale making it not too difficult to look for someone who qualifies your business, says Jaleh Bisharat, oDesk’s Vice President of Marketing. In 2012, oDesk had 25,000 virtual assistant job postings, compared to 2,500 in 2008. Business owners may use virtual assistants for almost everything from customer service calls to distribution of ‘thank-you’ postcards to prospect clients. It’s essential to build trust, just as you would with a non-contractual or permanent employee. According to Bisharat, “offshore teams are like team members who just happen to work remotely.”

Quite overwhelmed where to start? Check these guidelines for ways how you can utilise VA to enhance your business:

Keeping You in the Know for Industry Knowledge

With inadequate time to keep you updates with industry news, some business owners have relied to virtual assistants to keep tabs on the most substantial events and happenings. Executives utilise the industry information to be posted on their social media accounts, so it may bring up thought-provoking developments in conversing with existing clients, customers, and prospect business partners. This establishes a formal image, and this helps “executives appear to have knowledge in timely news,” Pearson says.

Appointment Setting

Virtual assistants can also do the managing of client’s calendars. Tasks such as scheduling of appointments, assistance in events planning, organising meetings and a whole lot more. It’s pretty much like having your own Jarvis to assist you whenever you got something that needs to be done – in a perfectly organise way.

Travel Consultation and Research

Your virtual assistant may further research in finding the best hotel for you, airfare booking, organising and planning itineraries applicable both for personal and business function. These VAs can make use of travel websites to look for an in depth review of places and food in a specific country or city. They can also learn about time zone navigations when considering international travel options. And since they want to provide you the best service, they would often go the extra mile and research other information for your destination so that you can experience exciting travelling – such as conducting extensive research in looking for interesting and intriguing restaurants, trivias about the place, tourist attractions and lots more.

Doing Minor Tasks

This may refer to some errands that are non-business related that can also be handled and accomplished by your virtual assistant since they work secretarial tasks for you. From sending out thank you letters and business cards/invitations, updating and being in-charge of your social media accounts to calling your loved ones for reminders and other messages, these time-consuming activities can be very well taken care of by your remote assistant.

Email Managing

Another daily time-consuming task is checking of mails. Your remote assistant can scan and filter your email inbox on your behalf so that you won’t waste time in reading unimportant emails and can respond immediately to those mails that need your utmost attention. You may also guide your outsourced assistant how to choose key emails and guarantee to copy you before replying so that errors and risks will be avoided.

Creating Presentations

A massive timesaver when preparing for meetings and presentation are turning raw information into a PowerPoint presentation and summarising studies and research in a Word document. You may send all the needed documents and information to your virtual assistant and he/she can study and summarise it for you and provide you a presentation for it. The data “comes back in a format I can share,” says Rich Pearson.


Several business owners opt to share their bookkeeping systems with their remote assistant who may do follow ups on errands such as unpaid bills or outstanding invoices. It’s actually one of the easiest errands to assign to your virtual assistant.

Data Entry

Your virtual assistant should be tasked for encoding updated information, keeping databases current, monitoring of contracts, collecting faxed/scanned business cards and the likes. Be detailed about your expectations and needs so that there’d be less room for errors.

Extensive Research

You can delegate internet research to your virtual assistant. Common tasks include selecting potential business contracts, looking for details on corporate webpages and exploring new products, or new prospect clients. You may also entrust your usernames and passwords to your assistant, so he/she can get an easy access to paid specialty research tools and research corporate business topics for you.

Goal Focused Outsourcing

Cost reduction plays a huge role in offshoring but it is not just about that. Outsourcing company’s number one aspiration is to provide you an outstanding service and help your business increase profit and efficiency without compromising the value of work produced in a reasonable and inexpensive manner. Since our staff are experienced and highly skilled professionals, it is our duty to always give the best assistance to exceed expectations from our business partners and clients.

Be the One

Every business enthusiasts wants to be the one. You want to be the first option that comes to mind of every consumer. How would the market know that you exist? How would people know that your business is the most competent and reliable amongst dozens of competitors out there? A great factor would definitely be an international presence. You have to have that sense of familiarity and diversity. You have to create an awareness that could make you look like an expert – well of course, we are. They know your business and the services or products you offer, they hear about how excellent your people are, and you are visible to them. International visibility also entices other businesses as well. So venturing in to business process outsourcing or offshoring is a great tool in making your company grow into a more diverse, focused-oriented business. Not only that you’ll be an instrument in discovering the talent of other highly skilled individuals across the globe, but also nurturing and building up an impression of simply being the best.

Tying Up with an Outsourcing Company

Your idea of coming up with a business and be of service to many is amazing. You were able to achieve your desire of becoming a successful entrepreneur plus at the same time, you were able to give assistance to those who are in need and make everybody’s life easier. Why not make it more astounding by considering a partnership with an outsourcing company? Slowly but surely, you can accomplish a great business. It is inevitable that success will come your way sooner or later and may bring your business to a higher level. There would come a time in a company that higher personnel tend to overlook the other facets of their business. They sometimes unintentionally forget the idea of giving equal attention and supervision to all the areas of the business. For the reasons that they are busy, pre-occupied, unwilling to check on every detail because of stress and tiredness, and a whole lot more.

A great solution to that is to venture in offshoring. Outsourcing would certainly maintain your business’ orderliness, reliability and of course, competency. Offshoring company will contribute to your company’s great image by providing you excellent service. You are not being limited to do business with your usual 9 to 5 workforce because majority of the companies will offer you seamless service across any time zone.  By having an outsourced manpower, you are always sure that your company is still delivering the best assistance in any time. As a business owner, you are confident that there will be no missing details, accurate information is being given, and tasks are done on time. It’s having a huge help with reduced cost but the efficiency remains.

At a glance, people would think that you outsource because your company is getting bigger and bigger and you want your business to be more global. Yes, that is indeed truthful. Outsourcing can definitely contribute to a company’s growth by maintaining their mission vision and business goals. That doesn’t limit the outsourcing industry to be of help to small and medium scale enterprises. The concept of outsourcing is not limited. It caters to newly developed business but also to huge companies out there.

Once a small-scale business owner enter offshoring, they will have ample time of thinking of other ideas that can enhance the quality and services they initially offer because there are people that will do the back office work on behalf of them. That way, higher personnel can focus in finding other effective strategies in improving the company – may it be finding prospect clients, merging with other companies, and so on. You may focus on other aspects that matter to you while your remote team handles other areas and work load.

Increased Productivity

An outsourcing company can provide you skilled, talented, task-focused labour pool that will bring you uninterrupted quality of work. From a dedicated Human Resource team to Data Processors, Admin Assistants, Accounting Support and Customer Support Associates. Reduced cost of manpower is already there and to sum it all, we save our client’s time, management, logistics-office equipment and money. These exceptional outsourced workforce/team ensures you that your business is being well taken care of.  Aside from us being high skilled and efficient, we are effective because we make sure to always do our deliverables on time.

Similar time zone also matters and makes a huge impact in outsourcing aside from the reduced cost advantage. Several Australian companies have decided to outsource in the Philippines because there is a slight difference of 2 hours between the Philippines and Eastern Australia. This would mean managing delegation of tasks easily. Real time availability of remote assistance is present.  With the help of technology, we continuously learn adaptability that can add up to our seamless working relationship with our business partners and clients.

Our utmost priority is to value loyalty, passion, commitment and integrity. Productivity is amplified because of the dedication of each employee to give the best assistance and bring out the best in the clients we are servicing. In a span of three years in operation, most outsourcing companies was able to establish competency and trust to clients.

The Don’ts in Managing Your Outsource Team

Every workplace has its own difficulties but having a team that is countries away amplifies them. Acquiring an outsourced team is helpful to your business but it’s not as easy as one two three. Every business venture has its fair share in encountering issues and difficulties. To lessen conflicts that may lead to serious problems in management, you must have clear expectations from the very start and that consists of communicating well with your remote team. How you handle your remote team will reflect your business success. It applies both to outsourcing newbies and those who are already in the outsourcing industry for quite some time. It is fulfilling to be conscious of the countless challenges to reduce problems and safeguard that running your offshore team goes smooth and steady.

Avoid Pushing Your Remote Team to Their Limits

The demands of the task can be very stressful for some and could affect their health. Due to the daily working hours, your virtual team may also experience exhaustion that may lead to burnout, and may result to lack of productivity once ignored.

You may roll out these tips to maintain everybody’s wellness:

  • Get ample time of rest and sleep
  • Exercise daily if possible
  • Socialise with teammates
  • Have an open communication with your team leader
  • Take advantage of regular breaks
  • Determine the cause of stress and analyse it

Give Importance to Employees Needs

High attrition rate can be avoided if you value your team’s wellness and needs because losing workforce will affect your business negatively. You have to be mindful of your staff’s productiveness because a team that is dedicated and performs well can accelerate the growth of your business. Determining the causes of attrition will help evade losing talented and highly skilled professionals. Some employees opt to leave their jobs due to several reasons like uncertain job description, inadequate training courses, lack of opportunities for career growth, stagnant salary rates and unsatisfactory feedback or performance review. From a business perspective, it’s more lucrative to give salary increases for existing employees instead of hiring a new one. We all work to have a better future. How an employee foresees his future with a company is a huge factor for them not to leave. That’s why it’s just essential to keep an open door for opportunities.

Have a Mindset of Giving Clear and Precise Instructions

You outsource because you want to focus on other things that would make your business more successful. You may be reachable and available 24/7 through the help of technology, and we do understand the concept of our virtual team to be working independently but it can really be frustrating whenever they ask for clarifications almost every time. That can be avoided by simply being clear when giving out instructions and that you were able to explain it properly. Good communication is the key to successful outsourcing. It’s just appropriate to establish and ensure clear communication with your remote team. Even a missing word, inconsistent information, poor data may lead to conflicts especially to staff where the English language is not their native tongue. On the other hand, it’s significant to employ professionals whose English proficiency is fluent. Moreover, it’s important that you create efficient workflows that guarantee information is clean and clear. It’s also highly suggested to have a regular weekly meeting with the team so that everyone would feel comfortable and at ease with providing feedback and asking of questions.

Working with outsource teams has now become a standard for many companies. To safeguard success, it is important for businesses to develop effective ways to manage concerns and meet the needs of their global teams. Learning the dos and don’ts, things to avoid is a sign of concern for the well-being of your remote labour force.