Awesome Benefits of Online Personal Assistants

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Having an online personal assistant can do so much wonders for your business and can help you to a such extent that you can sit back and relax and focus on what you do best to grow your business.  If you are looking to hire your very first personal assistant or also known as virtual assistant (VA), I suggest you visit online job ads site, freelancer websites, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites. You can also post for a looking for advertisement on these sites and you will see how many interested people that will contact. Just be sure to make your job description easy to understand and try to elaborate the role or tasks that needs to be done to avoid problems on the long run.

During interviews I suggest try to shortlist your candidates to atleast top 5, from that you can easily choose the appropriate person to help you run your business. You can set 1 to 2 sets of assessments for each applicant just to make sure they are really capable to the job and also try to look for those people who love their work so much that they will do everything to get the job perfectly done.

Once you have your own PA, you will see how productive you can become and at the same time you will see a huge difference in terms of salary rate, compare to hiring an in-house or local staff near you. Some business owners outsource to India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China and etc. These people works really hard and you will see how loyal they can be. Simple appreciation means a lot to them, and they will be more productive and they can see they are valued by their employers.

Another great benefit of having a personal assistant from different countries is that they can handle business inquiries round the clock because of time zone differences, meaning even you are sleeping they are awake and can answer important customer inquiries. That’s just few of the benefits you can get with having a remote staff. Want to share your personal experienced? comment down below.

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