Importance of Communication in the Workplace

For businesses offering virtual services such as web development, back offices, accounting services, technical support, creative marketing, engineering and drafting services, effective communication plays a vital role for success.  Some of the common virtual communication tools used today are Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Slack, Fuze and etc.

Many thanks to the modern technology for making the live of the people in virtual businesses, easier!

How to build an effective communication?

1: Open and Honest Communication

Having an open and honest communication saves your time, effort and productivity.  You work thoroughly when you have all the information and resources you need for the tasks, letting you focus on your target.  Asking the same questions twice might be acceptable but asking thrice may depend on your luck.

Clear communication helps build and foster trust, which is a key for every relationships.  When there is trust, there is teamwork; teamwork leads to success; success means good business.

 2: Demonstrate Respect and Consideration

It is important to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to discussions.  Making sure that everyone can speak, and avoiding confusion makes every parties feel involved and considered.

It is understood that members may work with different time zones, respecting your member’s time and space, and considering their workloads are the keys.

3: Build Relationships

A good relationship with colleagues matters, whether working virtually or in a traditional office.  We all know being professional is essential, but creating that social bond lets both parties feel that they belong into something.  While building relationships for virtual members does not come in an instant, this can be initiated by getting to know the interests of the other party.

4: Communicate Progress on Goals

Being transparent on the status of your task with your members builds an open and improved communication.  You make everyone feel that they are part of the team by making them informed.  Through this, the team can also track issues and do necessary adjustments to reach goal.

Communication works for those who work for it.  Relationships are built, share your experiences and skills.  Take time to have fun and learn from the people you work with.

About the Author: Brian