The Don’ts in Managing Your Outsource Team


Every workplace has its own difficulties but having a team that is countries away amplifies them. Acquiring an outsourced team is helpful to your business but it’s not as easy as one two three. Every business venture has its fair share in encountering issues and difficulties. To lessen conflicts that may lead to serious problems in management, you must have clear expectations from the very start and that consists of communicating well with your remote team. How you handle your remote team will reflect your business success. It applies both to outsourcing newbies and those who are already in the outsourcing industry for quite some time. It is fulfilling to be conscious of the countless challenges to reduce problems and safeguard that running your offshore team goes smooth and steady.

Avoid Pushing Your Remote Team to Their Limits

The demands of the task can be very stressful for some and could affect their health. Due to the daily working hours, your virtual team may also experience exhaustion that may lead to burnout, and may result to lack of productivity once ignored.

You may roll out these tips to maintain everybody’s wellness:

  • Get ample time of rest and sleep
  • Exercise daily if possible
  • Socialise with teammates
  • Have an open communication with your team leader
  • Take advantage of regular breaks
  • Determine the cause of stress and analyse it

Give Importance to Employees Needs

High attrition rate can be avoided if you value your team’s wellness and needs because losing workforce will affect your business negatively. You have to be mindful of your staff’s productiveness because a team that is dedicated and performs well can accelerate the growth of your business. Determining the causes of attrition will help evade losing talented and highly skilled professionals. Some employees opt to leave their jobs due to several reasons like uncertain job description, inadequate training courses, lack of opportunities for career growth, stagnant salary rates and unsatisfactory feedback or performance review. From a business perspective, it’s more lucrative to give salary increases for existing employees instead of hiring a new one. We all work to have a better future. How an employee foresees his future with a company is a huge factor for them not to leave. That’s why it’s just essential to keep an open door for opportunities.

Have a Mindset of Giving Clear and Precise Instructions

You outsource because you want to focus on other things that would make your business more successful. You may be reachable and available 24/7 through the help of technology, and we do understand the concept of our virtual team to be working independently but it can really be frustrating whenever they ask for clarifications almost every time. That can be avoided by simply being clear when giving out instructions and that you were able to explain it properly. Good communication is the key to successful outsourcing. It’s just appropriate to establish and ensure clear communication with your remote team. Even a missing word, inconsistent information, poor data may lead to conflicts especially to staff where the English language is not their native tongue. On the other hand, it’s significant to employ professionals whose English proficiency is fluent. Moreover, it’s important that you create efficient workflows that guarantee information is clean and clear. It’s also highly suggested to have a regular weekly meeting with the team so that everyone would feel comfortable and at ease with providing feedback and asking of questions.

Working with outsource teams has now become a standard for many companies. To safeguard success, it is important for businesses to develop effective ways to manage concerns and meet the needs of their global teams. Learning the dos and don’ts, things to avoid is a sign of concern for the well-being of your remote labour force.


About the Author: Brian