Why Every Business Should Embrace Automation

Running a business not just require workforce as in literally a bunch of staff or employees, you should also look into some important aspects that can really make a huge impact to your business. One great example is through the help of automation.

Automation is the process of making a specific tasks automated as it can be, meaning less human intervention or if you can make it zero human-intervention then the better. I’m sure you will ask what areas of business we can utilise automation? Honestly with today’s advancement in technologies most of the tasks that your staff are doing can now be automated, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need people working in your office, it’s just the amount of time, and costing save what really matters as they can shift these resources to something else, like strategies or workflows that can’t be automated yet.

To give you some few examples of automation.

Email Marketing

Instead of manually sending emails to your leads in bulk using the traditional tools and then checking which particular contact did replied to your email and manually typing these data to spreadsheet, why not use a system which is available in the market where it only requires one time set-up by your staff such as entering the email addresses, sending the initial email, set a conditional action like when they didn’t reply to your email in x number of days, the system will automatically send a follow-up email, and if they replied send this particular email. Something like that. Again this would not just save you time but also costs of your employee’s daily salary where in he or she can use this wasted time to something much important.

Graphics Designing

The costs of a web designer and graphics artists are quite expensive, specially those experienced ones. Today you can easily subscribe to a cloud based subscriptions where there are thousands of ready-made templates that can be used. Your staff even they don’t have that skills or creative talents can utilise these tools as the templates are ready, they just need to replace wordings, logos, etc. without the need to hire several graphics artists.

These 2 examples are just few of the many processes that you can do semi or fully automated. There are also tools you can use for marketing, data processing, video editing, transaction management and so on.

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